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Contactors L&T Switchgear


We have wide range of power contactors is available in single pole, two pole, three pole and four pole configurations. These configurations and current rating in each configuration ensures that each customer requirement is satisfied.

Our range of power contactors :
  • MO three pole Contactors
  • MNX three pole Contactors
  • ML three pole Contactors
  • MX (Mini) Power Contactors
  • MDX DC coil three pole Contactors
  • MCX Four pole Contactors
  • MU-2P Two pole Contactors


We have MO0, MN0 and MX0 range control contactors have proven track record of successful and reliable implementation of complex control logics.

Our range of control contactors :
  • MO0
  • MN0 & MX0 control contactor
  • Add-on auxiliary contact block
  • Surge Suppressor
  • Mechanical Interlock Kit (for MX0)


Capacitor duty contactor- MO C

We have capacitor duty Contactors is specially designed for capacitor switching applications. The contactors are used in APFC panels for switching power capacitors.

Single pole contactors

These contactors are rugged and have a wide operating band. Typical applications include Compressors in air-conditioning equipment, Single Phase Pumps, Single Phase Power Supply, Single Phase Heater etc.